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1978 Rather go blind
1978 What's your name
1979 Convenient Woman (Empire Record)
(N/A) Only for lovers (P)Brown Music)
(N/A) No Charge (BB Records)
1983 Road March-Socca (P)Brown Music)
1985 Sweet Loving (P)Brown Music
1986 Bob Marley Medley (P)Brown Music
1987 Harder they come (P)Brown Music
1990 Welcome Home (P)Brown Music
1993 This is a letter-Ballad (P)Brown Music
1999 Don't let me down (Jet Star)
(N/A) Troubled in Mind (P)Brown Music
2019 Son Of A Preacher Man (Digital Jukebox Recoords)


1986 In the Country (Brown Records)
1992 Yvonne Cutis & Wavet -Socca (Brown Records)
1995 Best of Yvonne Curtis (Brown Records)
1997 Yvonne say's 'Hello' (World Sound)
2000 Move On (Brown Records)
2000 Yvonne Curtis 2000 (World Sound)
2002 Just has I am-Gospel (World Sound)
2004 Eternal Love (World Sound)
2004 Walls of Tears (World Sound)
2006 Table for Two (World Sound)
2013 Let's Unite in love (Brown Records)
2014 Greatest Hits (Digital Jukebox Records)
2015 Christmas Carols (Digital Jukebox Records) 3 Track EP
2018 Dedicated To You (Digital Jukebox Recoords)


United in Praise - Gospel (World Sound )
Make a Joyful Noise
Reggae Gospel Volume 1
Invisible Hands Volume 2
You can tell the world volume3
Love lifted me Volume 4
Come in Lord Volume 5
Socca Hits volume 1
Socca Hits volume 3 LP
Platinum Sampler CD
Socca Greatest Hits (Classic)
Reggae Lasting Love songs Volume 3
Big People Volume 2Additional Notes