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About Yvonne Curtis

During the 1970's she entered a talent contest and came second place. This was her first break in the UK and got her a place in a band called the Oakenders as their lead vocalist. She later went on to sing with a band 'Serenaders'. Whilst with this band they released an album called entitled 'In the Country' and two further singles called 'Come Home' and This is the Letter'. During this time she also recorded with the known reggae label called Third World on Empire Records.

Yvonne later moved on to join another band called the 'Wavet' where she was resident for fifteen years during that time she had released four singles.

During 1994 Yvonne travelled to Germany, Nicaragua and Brazil and was performing for the 'Warehouse Showcase' which was televised for London's Carlton TV.

In 1998 she appeared with Pete Campbell on the Big Breakfast Show on Channel 4 featuring in songs for the Reggae Boys. During this time she was constantly writing and recording songs under Brown's Music & World Sounds Records both as a solo artist and under the band named the 'Wavet'

Her most memorable performance was when she performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

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